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Hello Kitty is a brand that Sanrio has created, and it has reached a wider audience than the initial target audience (kids). Initially, the brand was geared toward younger girls and young women in their teens. People love Hello Kitty regardless of how old or young they are. Hello Kittys image is simple and often regarded as cute. A cats silhouette is depicted, with a ribbon that can be any color. Hello Kitty became Japans contribution to the world of fashion.

Hello Kitty, the character, is a soft-spoken and helpful little girl who always made life more sunny in Hello Kitty world. She had her own animation, and so many people were enthralled by her personality as well as her fashion sense. Hello Kitty was a certified hit in the USA, with celebrities using Sanrio products in public. Some wear bags, and others wear Hello Kitty jewelry.

Hello Kitty is a fashion diva without going over the top. Because she is consistent, her brand has become strong. It was difficult for moms to resist buying products with the Hello Kitty logo. Sanrio has also made sure that all the product released with the Hello Kitty logo are of high quality. Listed here are some of the more popular Hello Kitty products...

1. Sticker items - Stickers are my favorite Hello Kitty products. Girls of ages 8-12 collected the stickers. Women who like cute things used Hello Kitty stickers on their car.

2. Clothing and Accessories - Sanrio made several items like T-shirts, key chains and hoodies with the Hello Kitty logo. Its not surprising to see a school girl with a whole collection of Hello Kitty products on her, like a bag, a pencil case and a pen with the Hello Kitty logo.

3. Food and Drink - Hello Kitty has just started tapping into the older markets. Because of this move, more people are able to appreciate the brand and the idea behind it.

4. Games There are Hello Kitty games for all genres of gaming. Hello Kitty online has also become one of the main hangouts of those who like MMORPG.

Originally, the Hello Kitty brand may have been derived from the Maniki Neko, or the good luck cat that one often sees in Japanese establishments. The cat is a bobcat and depicted as a friendly pet that brings in customers by waving at them.
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Your Favorite Hello Kitty Merchandise

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This article was published on 2011/02/05