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31-year-old's birthday.   Only world famous Hello Kitty, the Japanese cartoon classic Brand Image of many children and adults like the one doll. Round face, wearing a bow on the left ear, hand a small tail. It is reported that each year the copyright holder Hello Kitty Sanrio (SANRIO) company to create 500 million U.S. dollars in profits, but also authorized to use the Hello Kitty image for the company to earn billions of dollars in revenue. It is said that the United States Microsoft The company had envisaged 5.6 billion offer for the copyright to buy Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) Birth The creators of Hello Kitty sold Shintaro Tsuji Silk , Done Rubber Sandal business, he likes to add in products designed to improve the product of some small sales. 40 years, ShintaroTsuji the Sanrio company developed the 450 images, but the real success only Hello Kitty one.

Hello Kitty was born in 1974, when Tsuji was not very fond of it, but inconceivable that the kitten was out of control in popularity. Then the introduction of Hello Kitty, the Sanrio company almost did not do any market Test And Advertisement Propaganda, and, as long as no to smear the image of Hello Kitty cute simple, Sanrio Company of any product is almost always agreed to grant licenses.

Now, Hello Kitty image of the product is definitely diverse, varied, such as Apparel , Household items , Stationery , Mobile , Computer And so on, and even adult items. But Sanrio Hello Kitty image of the company for authorization, or have more strict rules, such as firearms, alcoholic drinks and tobacco products can not be authorized. Recently, in Japan, a taxi company in particular uses the image of Hello Kitty as its spokesperson, taxi drivers are all non-smoking Female In order to protect the innocent image of Hello Kitty.

Since the birth of 30 years, Hello Kitty itself has undergone many changes.

Anyway thirties only kitten is still active in the world, active in the streets, active in a variety of stationery or purse, the chances are you can immediately you Schoolbag Or Pillow Find her.

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty designers and subtle changes in

The first generation of designers: Yuko Shimizu (Shimits Yuko)

1974 scheduled launch of the fall of SANRIO a "Petite small wallet", the above pattern I want to design a new Figure Therefore, only the red bow tie on a small white cat will be officially emerged. Kitty was born in 1974 as the oval face, the chin is not round, but more pointed ears, whiskers are also relatively long.

Second-generation designers: Yonekubo Setsuko (Yonekuba Setsuko)

Carry the original design concept, in order to Hellokitty more lovely Yonekubo Setsuko decided this well-known side seat position, the purse on her application, a Listing After more popular, but other products were also launched very quickly, even stronger momentum of the HelloKitty.

Third-generation designers: Yamaguchi Yuko (Yamakuchi Yuko)

KITTY her face changed to a round, and in personality, some more vivid description. KITTY seems to become a real person, like living in your good friends around me. Today, of course, laid her in the Sanrio company Liza class unbeaten status.

"Regardless of how he changed, we always love her"

"Although Kitty seems so simple, but she actually changed with the times, doing yo." 20 years ago, took over HelloKitty third-generation designer Yuko Yamaguchi said. "Undue emphasis will not only adhere to the fixed image I am tired, but also allow the consumer to lose patience. So I have always been shaped from a new perspective Kitty." She recalled: "My first design is the bomb grand piano Kitty, she's playing a mono carefully. because it was all middle-class Japanese girls are learning the piano, this grand piano is their very desire. "

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Hello Kitty (HelloKitty) legendary journey to make money - bellyband - first aid splint Manufacturer

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